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Placement Testing

As a student enrolling at TCNJ, you may be required to take some placement tests or meet departmental assessments to ensure appropriate course placement in first-year courses. Please review the Placement Book to determine if you need to take a Language Placement Test. You will also find information on how we assess your level of Mathematics for those majors that require a Calculus-based course.

Please take the time to study the booklet as early as possible to be sure that you understand all of the necessary departmental assessments.

Below are two flow charts that you should also use to help you regarding Calculus Readiness Placement and Language Placement:


Calculus Readiness Placement

Writing Placement

All students entering TCNJ in the Fall 2019 are required to take the Writing Placement test to determine whether or not they need to take WRI 102 in Spring 2020.

Language Placement